What's Happening (and Where) at re:publica Dublin

Nearly time! Next week, we are organizing re:publica Dublin! Have a look at the venues, and check out our update on the schedule of the event. #rpDUB is taking place in three different venues: The Main Stage is in a venerable 17th-century building, the Smock Alley Theatre. The second stage is located at the Generator Hostel, right next to the Jameson Distillery. This is where we meet for networking and socializing – and for the party, of course. The Merchant's Arch calls itself “Dublin's best bar”. So check out our pub stage number three! More details on getting to the three locations here.

October 19: Warmup

As for the schedule, we can already tell you this much: The grand opening of re:publica Dublin will be at the Generator Hostel the night before, on October 19th, starting 6:30 p.m.. We are looking forward to celebrating the very first re:publica abroad with the community from Ireland, Germany and the rest of the world. The warmup will include a brief opening address by the founders of re:publica, as well as a live transmission to the Irish Embassy in Berlin. Also, the accreditation for October 20th will already be open, so you can pick up your name badge and wristband for the next day too. Our party won't be an allnighter, though, as it's customary in English-speaking countries for the evening not to last until the wee hours...

October 20: #rpDUB, Baby!

On Thursday, the event will be distributed over three different locations:
The main stage with 198 seats is located at the Smock Alley Theatre. Here you can find the registration desk for all those who didn't make it to the Generator Hostel the night before. You are welcome to come early, have a cup of coffee and get to know the other re:publica participants. We are looking forward to the grand opening of re:publica Dublin, together with all of you, at 10 a.m.
The Merchant's Arch and the Generator Hostel stages can host sessions for up to 50 people. On both these stages, the programme will starts at 11:15 a.m. Lunch will also be offered in these two venues.

The get-together space for #rpDUB is located in the Generator Hostel. This is also where the sponsors have their booths, and where meetups for more specific topics can take place. The meetups will also be listed in your programme.

All speakers and participants who bought a ticket that includes catering can order drinks and food at the Generator Hostel throughout the main conference day on 20 October. You will also find the chill-out space area, if you need a spot to work in peace, a drink at the bar or just a little rest. As a finale, there is a gathering in the Generator Hostel bar, where you can conclude the day with a good Irish beer – or a whiskey. Looking forward to having a good laugh and dance, and celebrating with you!

Accessibility Info

First we wanted to organize the entire event in different pubs, as a kind of pub crawl. Unfortunately, we realized that there are almost no barrier-free pubs. Now we have only one pub stage – the other two venues are wheelchair-accessible.

Photo: Smock Alley