#rpDUB speaker Shermin Voshmgir: What If the Internet Becomes Decentralized?

The vision of a decentralized web collides with the legal structures of today. But whose problem is that, and who is in charge of creating an interface between these forces? These questions are a pressing matter for #rpDUB speaker Shermin Voshmgir, and a central aspect of her upcoming talk.

Participants of this year's re:publica in Berlin in May might remember the founder of BlockchainHub and her lecture on the future of democracy. Now we are particularly looking forward to having Shermin Voshmgir at re:publica again, this time as a speaker in Dublin.

Shermin focuses on blockchain-related topics such as smart contracts and the decentralized web. Founded in 2015, BlockchainHub spread across the globe, creating a growing international network of autonomous hubs that share similar resources. Independence and decentralization is what Shermin Voshmgir calls “the next-generation Internet” – the decentralized web.

She holds a PhD in IT management from the Vienna University of Economics, where she also lectures on the blockchain. Besides BlockchainHub, several other projects initiated by her are successful in eclipsing the power and influence of central authorities. A notable fact about Shermin Voshmgir is that she is both an entrepreneur and an artist. She expresses her love of art and temporary culture through Kamikatse, a digital collection of her multiple artistic expressions, from exhibitions to desert festivals to film.

An earlier project was an open online platform for independent films. “Cinovu” gave filmmakers the chance to distribute their films without the involvement of big industry players.

How are these technologies compatible with current forms of law? What is our impact as a community on the development of the Internet in future? In her talk, “Blockchain, Smart Contracts & the Future of Law” at re:publica Dublin, she will propose ideas and answers on how the future of the Internet is compatible with the development of legal structures. We are excited to hear more!


Photo: Shermin Voshmgir